Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Facebook Messenger Unsend feature gives you 10 minutes to take it back

Facebook Messenger Unsend feature gives you 10 minutes to take it back

Messenger users will soon be able to delete their sent messages.

Other messaging services, including Facebook's own WhatsApp, have the same option, though it gives users an hour to delete any embarrassing/drunken/threatening communications.

Now Facebook is planning to save Messenger users from some of this pain.

Mark Zuckerberg was caught out earlier this when it was found he, and other high-level Facebook execs, had the ability to erase messages they had sent to other people's inboxes.

While the 10-minute window is rather unforgiving, the new feature will nonetheless be a welcome addition, although no specific time frame for the rollout has been announced.

"Remove a message from a chat thread after it's been sent".

In the latest Messenger app update, Facebook revealed plans for the "unsend" feature. Maybe you sent a picture to someone you didn't want to.

Bottom line: Great news for people who take their phones with them on nights out: Facebook Messenger's long-talked-about unsend feature is nearly here. Gmail actually holds the email in a que for the time interval chosen. If your recipient is looking at their phone when you message them, or if they open the app before you can undo your action, there's not much you can do to take back your words.

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