Published: Sun, November 18, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Fortnite is Scrapping Its Unlimited Glider Redeploy with This Week's Patch

Fortnite is Scrapping Its Unlimited Glider Redeploy with This Week's Patch

While people posting screenshots of in-game characters in National Football League costumes holding guns is something that one would expect for a battle royale shooter, if other screenshots included characters kneeling down then it is possible that the skins were removed because that could've been seen as a reference to the controversial anthem protests that frequently occurred during the NFL's previous season. The redeploy was available when falling from a distance of above three stories high.

As reported by PCGamesN, those who suffered the wrath of Epic for crimes they didn't commit will get a message as soon as they log in that says, 'We incorrectly banned your account.

These are the basic rules to the new mode, which looks set to be removed next week, during the next update phase. The items Jump Pad and Rift-to-Go, like regular rifts, are the only items that allow players to reactivate their gliders now. There is one interesting change on that, you can not switch back and forth between skydiving and the glider. Players will either represent team Pizza Pit or team Durrr Burger to protect their own restaurant mascots, Tomatohead and Durrr Burger.

Food Fight LTM is here and it is much different than what we are used to seeing from the battle royale game.

These two teams will be separated by a wall for several minutes. Some players loved this, while others did not.

These supply drops should be found near the start of the game and include vital building supplies and weapons. You also drop some ammo and materials when you get eliminated by another player. The game previously featured Team Terror and Blitz, which was removed just a few days later.

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