Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Here's a first look at Samsung’s new foldable smartphone

Here's a first look at Samsung’s new foldable smartphone

Samsung also has a New Infinity display in the works, as pointed out in the same image as the notched displays, though there's no news on what that display would be like. According to The Guardian, Samsung is not the only cellphone manufacturing company creating a foldable phone.

The Samsung smartphone is not the first one of this nature.

The unfolded screen of the upcoming phone is bigger than Samsung's biggest smartphone, the Note9, which is 6.4 inches, and the iPhone XS Max at 6.5 inches. Foldable devicesOLED display technology is now making inroads in the TV market but it also has the potential to change how we use our handheld devices.

"This device is very much a first-generation product", he said. The next steps are rollable TVs and foldable handheld screens.

"They will have to prove that it's more than just a gimmick,"he said".

They described the Infinity Flex Display as "the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow" and said they intend to start production within months. "The experience was reengineered to reduce clutter and distractions, allowing the user to better focus and quickly navigate".

"We expect to see foldable products from several Android manufacturers", he added. For example, users now can have a compact smartphone that unfolds to reveal a larger immersive display for multitasking and viewing content.

Also on November 7, Google announced Android support for this new foldable smartphone form factor, so the starting software support is in place and is expected to continue over time. Its FlexPai folding phone was made available for order with a $1,318 starting price.

Samsung is likely to fully introduce a device for sale at the Consumer Electronics Show in January or at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

Samsung also used the developers conference to announce it would begin letting app developers use Bixby, its artificial-intelligence platform for Samsung's smartphones and home appliances.

China's Huawei Technologies has said it is planning to launch a 5G smartphone with a foldable screen in mid-2019. These are first generation devices but imagine some years from now where physical ports have been removed, driving electronics significantly reduced in size, and batteries perhaps flexible, too. These are British English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, all of which complement the existing US English, Chinese, and Korean.

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