Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

High school marching band spells out racist slur during halftime show

High school marching band spells out racist slur during halftime show

At half time during Friday night's match between Brookwood High and Lakeside High in Atlanta, members of the Brookwood band spelled the word with the covers of their instruments.

In the letter, Principal Ford explained that some of the instruments have covers that spell out the name of the school's mascot, "Broncos". "All six of these students will receive discipline consequences commensurate with their involvement in this incident". On Friday, however, the instrument covers spelled "coon" during the halftime show out on the field.

"It isn't a raccoon", Myers said.

"The mascot is a horse, it's a bronco, and the "B" and the "R" were nowhere near", Myers said.

"Haven't heard it in years, it's to belittle black people, it's an insult", Myers said of the term.

"For those of you who have attended our games, you may have noticed that the sousaphones (a brass instrument similar to a tuba) wear covers in the stands to show school spirit", Principal William Ford Jr. wrote in the letter to parents.

As a result of the slur, the school's halftime procedures are being investigated, with pending disciplinary action against the sousaphone players who participated. Named after a powerful family of slave owners, its once bucolic nature has been stained by racism from young students using a very old racist slur. The fourth student, a junior, who carried one of the letters spelling out the word, appears to have gone along with the plan at the last minute.

"This is a teachable moment for all of us, and students need to be aware that their actions and words have consequences", he said.

"I don't even know if this is a black-white issue, because my understanding is a couple of them were not white, so they just did something that was wrong and they need to be held accountable", Myers said.

Some parents told Fox 5 they wanted to see the students who were responsible expelled. I will not stop until these students are expelled.

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