Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Ingress Prime With New Visuals, Features Launched for Android and iOS

Ingress Prime With New Visuals, Features Launched for Android and iOS

Although we do not cover Ingress regularly on the Hub, we do cover it to some extent on Metahub, our sister website, where you can get all the latest leaks and information about Ingress Prime.

Augmented reality gaming is still a new concept.

Earlier today, Niantic sent out a press release announcing the release of Ingress Prime, a sequel to their popular Ingress mobile game.

Ingress Prime, the enormous update that serves as an update for Ingress, is out right now on Android.

U.S. software developer Niantic might be best known for Pokémon GO nowadays, but this wasn't always the case. The tides are turning, however, and as the popularity of Pokemon Go slowly (but surely) fizzles out, Niantic Labs is launching a reboot of its original AR game.

This all plays into a larger story where agents can join one of two factions - The Enlightened or The Resistance - and battle with other players over control of Ingress Prime's sci-fi world.

The core gameplay hasn't changed, but with Ingress Prime, Niantic has introduced cleaner visuals, a new UI, and modern graphics. For new players or experienced ones who chose to start anew, this means experiencing the game fresh, without the six or so years of baggage, or the feeling of having missed out on them. Additionally, players will be gifted free in-game avatar items in support of Ingress Prime. The Dunraven Project live action series will replace the Ingress Report and a new Netflix anime based on Ingress Prime will launch in the future.

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