Published: Thu, November 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Irish politician holds up thong in parliament in protest

Irish politician holds up thong in parliament in protest

Lunchtime protests calling for an end to "victim-blaming in the courts" took place in a number of Irish cities on Wednesday, organised by Socialist feminist group Rosa. "She was wearing a thong with a lace front", O'Connell said.

'How do you think a woman feels at her underwear being shown in the courts?'

"The women of this country are getting a little tired at the routine victim-blaming going on in Irish courts, and the failure of lawmakers in this House to do anything about it", said Coppinger, who illustrated her point by holding up a black thong.

Politician and parliament member Ruth Coppinger told officials clothing, fake tans and contraceptives "have recently been used to discredit women who had the bravery to go to court".

Taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar said in response that the issue was of enormous concern to the people of Ireland.

A 27-year-old man was found not guilty of raping the woman in a laneway in Cork after a barrister asked jurors to consider the underwear the teenager was wearing.

The jury heard how immediately afterwards the complainant told the accused: "You just raped me", to which he replied: "No, we just had sex", the Irish Examiner reported.

The girl's "thong with a lace front" was presented during the case as part of the defence's closing address.

He claimed the incident, which happened in a Cork alleyway, was consensual.

She said: "You have to look at the way she was dressed".

"Does the evidence out-rule the possibility that she was attracted to the defendant and was open to meeting someone and being with someone?" she told the court.

Under the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent, Irish women posted photographs of their underwear in all shapes, colours, and materials to protest the use of such techniques in court.

Protests are to be held in Galway, Limerick, Dublin, Belfast and Cork throughout the week due to the support for the social media campaign.

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