Published: Thu, November 15, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Is Luke Skywalker an unexpected Ariana Grande fan?

Is Luke Skywalker an unexpected Ariana Grande fan?

In spite of the personal difficulties these last few months have thrown at her, it seems like she's doing her best to rise above the madness - anddiscover previously uncharted professional successes in the meanwhile.

Grande dropped her newest song "thank u, next" just 30 minutes before the new episode of "Saturday Night Live" aired, the same show her ex Pete Davidson happens to be a cast member on. But he might not have known that one of them is Ariana Grande. Which brings us to Ariana Grande's latest tweets about her hard year, shared candidly with the likes of her 58 million followers throughout the morning and early afternoon on Sunday, Nov. 11.

Grande took to Twitter to celebrate, writing in one tweet, "for once i don't really have words. i love u so much and thank u", before adding in subsequent posts, "thank u, thank u, thank u", and, "yeeeeeee baby's first number one".

If you hate having fun, or you're living under a rock, you can check out Grande's banger "thank u, next" below.

On Sunday morning, Grande was amazed to see that Luke Skywalker himself appeared to have tweeted a reference to her latest song "Thank U, Next".

Pop music gets a bad reputation for superficiality and catering to teenage girls, but Grande's "thank u, next" helps reinvent that perspective and shows how pop songs can be just as powerful as songs from any other genre.

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