Published: Wed, November 21, 2018
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Ivanka Trump used personal email for official White House business ars_ab.settitle(1415571)

Ivanka Trump used personal email for official White House business ars_ab.settitle(1415571)

The call came after a review found that Ms Trump, 37, a senior White House adviser to her father, regularly used a private email account shared with her husband, Jared Kushner, for official correspondence a year ago, The Washington Post reported. The former secretary of state said she was not aware of or did not understand the rules.

The blunder, which put Ivanka in violation of the White House records law, was first reported in September previous year.

McCain said the Clinton controversy shouldn't necessarily be the focus of America's attention either. The committee subpoenaed information about Kushner, Trump's husband, and his private email use.

"My goal is to prevent this from happening again - not to turn this into a spectacle the way Republicans went after Hillary Clinton", Cummings said.

However a spokesman for Ms Trump's lawyer, Abbe Lowell, did not dispute the report. The issue prompted chants of "Lock her up!" at Trump rallies, which continued even after his election win. But at the time it wasn't known if Ivanka was doing the same thing.

The top White House adviser sent emails to aides, cabinet members and Ms Trump's assistants, many in violation of public record rules, the paper said. But supporters of President Trump are taking a variety of approaches to downplay the significance of Ivanka Trump's private account.

The story of the first daughter's email use was broken by the Washington Post's Carol Leonnig.

Ms Trump's behaviour recalled Hillary Clinton's use of personal emails while secretary of state which led Donald Trump to label her "Crooked Hillary" and claim that she endangered national security.

Earlier in the show, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz called it a "non-issue", since Ivanka Trump's emails were preserved and did not touch on classified information.

"There was no classified material", said Dershowitz.

Austin Evers, the executive director of American Oversight, said in a statement, "The president's family is not above the law, and there are serious questions that Congress should immediately investigate".

She said it was for convenience.

Representatives for the White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Horowitz also revealed that former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Strzok used his personal email account for government business.

Politico had also noted that a number of White House staff including Kushner, ex-chief strategist Steve Bannon, ex-chief of staff Reince Priebus, ex-economic adviser Gary Cohn, and Ivanka Trump were using personal devices or email addresses for official business despite clear policies asking them not to.

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