Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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Midterms serve as practice run for Trump's 2020 re-election campaign

Midterms serve as practice run for Trump's 2020 re-election campaign

Republicans will still be in control of the US Senate in January, as they were able to hold their majority of seats in the election. Current results have Democrats controlling 222 seats to the Republicans' 196, with 17 contests still undeclared, according to the Associated Press.

Said White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway, "I don't know that there will be much of an appetite for Democrat lawmakers to spend all of their time, or most of their time or even a fraction of their time investigating, instigating, trying to impeach and subpoena people".

In suburban areas where key House races were decided, female voters skewed significantly toward Democrats by a almost 10-point margin.

There was a fair amount of overlap in 2016 between Mr Trump's and Bernie Sanders' supporters - Mr Trump can rest assured that the progressive left did not appear to be very energised by Tuesday's results.

In this November 4, 2018, photo Tim Boyden uses the loose fall leaves in front of his business Out On A Limb Gallery in Eugene, Ore., to encourage people passing by to vote in the midterm election. Mr. Obama and Ms. Winfrey struck out badly in IN and Georgia, and the ex-president looked particularly absurd, tie- and jacket-less, uttering staccato, Hemingway-like sentences about facts and claiming to have initiated the present economic boom.

Senator Sherrod Brown could be the dark horse who benefits the most from the 2018 midterms. Hailed as a victory for "Arab women", the former Bill Clinton cabinet member and Hillary Clinton crony will soon be supporting the bombing of "Arab women" again, I assure you. These voters are concerned that the nation they've known, and that has in many ways been remarkably successful, is slipping away from them. But the expected "thumping" and "shellacking" - terms deployed respectively by George W. Bush and Barack Obama to describe their party's major midterm defeats - didn't materialize.

There is no question that Trump drives up voter turnout, with 2016 seeing a 6.5 per cent increase from 2012. This was a defining moment for them, as they saw the election as a way to regain a modicum of control over government.

Fifty-seven percent of white voters expressed approval of the president on border security.

A measure, by the way, of the extent of voter-suppression is revealed by the results of the accompanying ballot this week to re-enfranchise "felons" in Florida (mainly black felons that is, not the white collar crooks and gold-toothed Cuban emigres). MacArthur hasn't conceded, but trails by more than 2,000 votes. "As you also know, every eight years we change parties in MI". Omar will also be the first Congress member to wear a hijab, or head scarf. Marsha Blackburn, who was elected Tuesday to replace Corker, made Trump's endorsement a centerpiece of her campaign-a fitting analogy for the transformation of the GOP on the national stage. Native American women threw their hat into the ring in Kansas and New Mexico.

Two 29-year-old Democrats - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Abby Finkenauer - are due to be the youngest women ever to win House seats.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) in a midterm setback for Donald Trump, but the USA president managed to avoid a feared "blue wave" as his Republican Party expanded its Senate majority after a polarizing, racially charged campaign.

Paddy Power also identified another threat - impeachment. Therefore, with the midterm gains for the other party, there is hope of maintaining a balance in the policy making scenario.

The majority party in the House controls nearly all of the subpoena power and other investigative tools. The 2018 election seems to be the latter. In the final analysis, after being out of power in the House for the better part of a decade, Democrats are looking ahead to curbing Trumpism.

Republicans found comfort in a series of Senate gains. "And you can be damn sure that is what we intend to do in the ME state Senate". He has yet to come up with a derogatory nickname for her, as he has with many of his other Democratic foes, although that could certainly change.

The Democrats were successful in rebuilding the "Blue Wall" with victories in the rust belt states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Trump and the top House Democrat, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, already have signaled a desire to find common ground.

But Republicans held onto governor's mansions in OH and Florida, fending off challenges from strong left-wingers. Democrats lost a nail-biter of a race in Minnesota's southern, mostly rural 1st district, giving the GOP a third pickup from the election.

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