Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
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More irregularities uncovered in Florida election recount

More irregularities uncovered in Florida election recount

It was unclear what he was referring to.

State law requires a recount when candidates are within one-half point when all the votes are counted.

Broward County and its embattled elections supervisor have faced the most scrutiny in the recount efforts. Critics have suggested the slow pace of ballot-counting in Broward is suspicious.

This comes amid calls of voter fraud in multiple counties from Republicans, including the sitting governor Rick Scott, who's campaign for U.S. Senate has filed multiple pieces of litigation against Broward County in recent days.

"Mr. Scott can not oversee the process in a fair and impartial way and he should remove himself from the recount process".

"I do want the voters to think about my overall record and not look and just one or two things", she said.

"It's been incredibly frustrating to watch", she said.

The Democrats in South Florida will do anything to win the governor's race because of the prospects that DeSantis will do what Scott and his predecessor, Charlie Crist, didn't do, which is remove Broward County's supervisor of elections, Brenda Snipes, her counterpart in Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher, and Democrat Scott Israel, the Broward County sheriff whose abject incompetence contributed to the Parkland school shooting in February.

Broward Chief Circuit Judge Jack Tuter held an emergency hearing Monday on a request by Scott's lawyers that deputies be put in charge of ballots and voting machines that aren't being used until the recount is over.

Scott leads Nelson in the unofficial, pre-recount tally by more than 12,500 votes. Republican Ron DeSantis is leading Andrew Gillum in the governor race.

The race for the Senate seat in Florida has turned into a nasty battle of accusations as officials begun a machine recount over the weekend. The election supervisor that declared her office couldn't complete a recount before a legal deadline declared herself "disappointed".

Florida's election started badly when Hurricane Michael disrupted early voting in some Panhandle counties. Republicans are hoping to keep the law in place.

Scott said Ms Snipes had a history of violating state law during vote-counting. In 2006, when fatigue and anger at the Iraq War helped Democrats take control of the House and the Senate, 27% called it a mandate for the party.

The judge said he could see no evidence of any violations, and said "I am urging because of the highly public nature of this case to ramp down the rhetoric". "That is called disenfranchisement", Gillum said.

The mechanical failures cost the county a day in its race to meet the Thursday deadline, and that may mean it won't reach it at all.

"I attribute it to professionalism, I attribute it to a great elections director that we have, and anticipating everything that can happen", Diaz told WLRN.

The lawyer that Mr Scott referenced was not authorised to object, and non-citizens don't vote, Mr Nelson's attorney Marc Elias said.

Newsome said he found the personal information for Snipes in an online search and was merely attempting to encourage people to write letters or call Snipes to register their displeasure to how the recount is being conducted.

Nelson has also filed a federal lawsuit.

Both the state elections department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which are run by Republican appointees, have said they have seen no evidence of voter fraud anywhere in the state and a Broward judge challenged anyone who has evidence of fraud to file a report.

Bipartisan experts agree that voter fraud is a rare phenomenon across the nation. That didn't stop protests outside Snipes' office, where a mostly Republican crowd gathered, holding signs, listening to country music and occasionally chanting "lock her up", referring to Snipes.

Gillum's Manchurian candidacy was created to be a Pavlovian litmus test for running an openly Leninist/Marxist/Obama/Sanders hybrid against Trump in 2020. The contest for state agriculture commissioner is also under recount.

On Sunday, Scott took to national television to accuse Democratic Sen.

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