Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Porsche put the 8th gen 911 sports vehicle through rigorous testing

Porsche put the 8th gen 911 sports vehicle through rigorous testing

Called the 992, Porsche has put out a teaser of this new-gen 911 showcasing it undergoing a new set of tests to prove that it is truly the ultimate sports vehicle.

The 992-generation Porsche 911 has been spied for some time now, but the German carmaker isn't ready to reveal the latest iteration of its famous nameplate just yet. Moreover, there are practical checks and stress tests for the completely new working idea in the cockpit, and in addition instruments and shows. The new driver assistance systems and enhanced connectivity has also been assessed.

To assess how well the interior components, combustion engine, and air conditioning can handle the heat, Porsche tested the model in the desert, to ensure the entire auto could withstand temperatures typical of the Gulf States in the Middle East or Death Valley in the US, which can reach up to 50°C, or 122°F.

Cold area testing, such as in Finland, focused on cold starts, heating and air conditioning, traction, handling, and braking. Endurance runs saw the new 911 test cars on China's roads in country-typical traffic situations and proved the fact that they can run reliably on different quality fuels.

To ensure the engine, transmission, brakes, and chassis can withstand high-speed driving while staying cool and in control, the vehicle was tested on the Nürburgring race track in Germany and Nardò test tracks in Italy. In Colorado they reached heights of 4,3 km, which was a challenge for the twin-turbo charging and fuel system. This phase also sees significant mileage being covered, while complying with all traffic rules, with the common goal that the eighth generation of this sports vehicle icon continues the tradition of being one of the best 911 of all time. In the gallery released by Porsche, it looks like the part of the vehicle that will be revealed last is the tail light cluster-these images have the ends of the full-width taillight strip still taped up.

In total, the prototype models have been driven around three million kilometres (1.86 million miles).

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