Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Raheem Sterling signs new three-year contract extension

Raheem Sterling signs new three-year contract extension

Believe me, what the people said about this action I didn't understand. It was a bad decision from the referee.

"He's an incredibly nice guy, he has an incredible love for the locker room". Statistically, his end product since the start of the 2017-18 campaign is above Eden Hazard, Sergio Aguero and David Silva - no-one would bat an eyelid if they were rewarded with this kind of deal, so why should it be different for Raheem?

Unsurprisingly, his £49 million transfer was at first met with anger among supporters, though some gradually moved on as the Reds progressed in the ensuing years. "I admire how the managers react in the tough moments, when you lose games". "I will keep those to myself".

"We can not forget, he is 23-years-old, when you are 23, you are not a full person or a full player". Agüero might have milked the situation but he was not the one guilty of a head-butt. You enjoy that but at the same time it is a bit of pressure.

Mourinho would not be drawn on the financial duplicity of which City have been accused via leaked emails in the last week, though he did mention that the quality they have on the pitch began with investment; he also made the point that though generally regarded as spendthrift, his own club can not go out and buy four full-backs at once.

But what does the Anfield legend make of Sterling's exit three years on?

He said: "It's well known we're delighted with him and would like him to continue". "At first I was not happy with Luke Shaw, but we had to work with him to bring him to the required level". If you are stable and you know what you have to do, always the success and the good games are coming. "To make players takes more time". For Real Madrid this means, that the club have to go back to the drawing board, as there is little to no chance of luring away the 23-year-old from the Etihad Stadium now. "We are both in quite similar situations, we just keep going and going", the City manager said. "Sometimes we ask for, or we demand a lot from our players when they are so still young, but it is okay".

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