Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Shiva Singh bowls with 360-degree turn and hogs limelight

Shiva Singh bowls with 360-degree turn and hogs limelight

"I use different variations in one-dayers and T20s so I thought of doing the same because the Bengal batsmen were developing a partnership.The umpires said dead ball, so I asked "why are you calling it a dead ball?" Although the delivery of the ball was normal, umpire declared it a dead ball.

Following on from that, Law 41.4.2 says that an umpire should call dead ball if he believes that a fielder has tried to do just that.

The laws state that the bowler must tell the umpire their mode of delivery before the ball is bowled, which Singh did.

"Firstly, the Laws don't dictate what a bowler's run-up should look like".

Seshan called dead ball as soon as the delivery was bowled - before the batsman had played his shot - as he felt it was a deliberate attempt to distract him.

"The law goes on to add that only if the 360-degree twirl should be part of the bowler's run-up for every delivery, then can the umpire step in to deem if the action was done to distract the batsman".

Some cricket fans raised the comparison of batsmen's ability to switch-hit, changing their stance from right-handed to left-handed or vice-versa, without drawing the umpire's criticism.

"The law states that the offence is the attempt to distract the batsman, rather than the striker actually being distracted. But when bowlers do something like this it's deemed a dead ball", Shiva was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo. The procedure in Law 41.4 also includes the awarding of five penalty runs.

In Uttar Pradesh's mach against Bengal in the CK Nayudu Trophy, the U-19 World Cup champion twirled unexpectedly before the delivery.

The MCC cited the example of England pacer Stuart Broad, who received a warning from the match referee during a match against South Africa in 2009 for pointing at the cover fielder during his run-up, as it was felt to be a distraction tactic.

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