Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Trump, GOP Caravan Hysteria on Fox News Spoofed in SNL Cold Open

Trump, GOP Caravan Hysteria on Fox News Spoofed in SNL Cold Open

This week's episode of SNL was surely rare in its own way.

When asked who was in the caravan, Strong as Pirro said, "Everyone you've ever seen in your nightmares.Guatemalans, Mexicans, ISIS, the Menendez brothers, the 1990 Detroit Pistons.and several Babadooks".

McKinnon launched the cold open with a dig at Donald Trump while defending hims against accusations that he's a racist. Talk about the Kardashians being petty huh?

Baldwin admitted to making the comments but claimed that they weren't meant to be taken seriously, the Daily Mail reported.

SNL headed into FOX News territory for its cold open.

Tara Palmeri (pictured above right), an ABC News White House correspondent, is now recalling on Twitter how Baldwin once said something incredibly very bad to her when she was working as a tabloid reporter in New York City.

Ingraham went through the current USA news, focusing mostly on the migrant caravan headed through Mexico now and to the U.S.

Palmeri also alleged that Baldwin grabbed her arm - and that the Post played a recording of the actor's verbal threat to police.

Baldwin made headlines on Friday after getting arrested in New York City for allegedly assaulting a man over a parking dispute.

Baldwin, 60, told police a family member was holding the spot in front of his Manhattan home when a man driving a Saab station wagon pulled up and took it. He claims that the assertion that his arrest stemmed from him punching someone in the parking lot is fake.

"I realize that it has become a sport to tag people with as many negative charges and defaming allegations as possible for the purposes of clickbait entertainment".

By having McKinnon's Ingraham allude to Baldwin as a disgraced former actor accused of molesting a Boy Scout, SNL appears to have been using the sketch to capitalize on certain factions' talent for hyperbole. "Fortunately, no matter how reverberating the echos, it doesn't make the statements true", he added.

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