Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

United States president Trump shows willingness to cooperate with Democrats

United States president Trump shows willingness to cooperate with Democrats

Trump remains very popular in the region, spanning from the politically swing-voting Hamilton County eastward along a string of Ohio River counties that the president carried by more than 30 percentage points. In addition, any investigative action will also be countered with probes by the Republicans in the Senate, Trump warned.

The nationwide tally from the midterm elections heavily favored Democrats, whose House candidates in 2018 received almost 6 million more votes than their Republican counterparts - more than twice the 2.8 million margin that Hillary Clinton claimed over Trump in the popular vote in 2016.

Democrats' blue wave was real.

Democrats will hold at least 21 seats in the 35-seat Senate and appeared poised to take at least 81 seats in the 151-seat House, with some results still pending in a handful of races, and others were still too close to call.

But the Senate was a killing field for Democrats, largely because of how unfavorable the Senate map was for them heading into election night. Republicans are pointing to Senate gains, even though all of them except an expected pickup in Florida came in deep-red states they should have won in the first place.

Sanders, who plans to meet with House allies next week, will push for Democrats there to advance the first step of his "Medicare for all" bill's four-year phase-in plan, which would lower the eligibility age for Medicare to 55 from 65 and cover everyone under 18-years-old.

The vote was seen as a referendum on the president, even though he is not up for re-election till 2020.

Though Democrats will have a majority in the House, Neal said he was mindful of the reality that Republicans still control the Senate and Trump has a presidential veto.

One of Emerge's goals is to build a pipeline of female candidates at the local and state levels that could feed into federal races.

Interested in Midterm Elections?

Those backgrounds created a sense of authenticity voters responded to, said Maeve Coyle, a spokeswoman for EMILY's List in Washington, D.C., a group that works to elect Democratic women to office. Ted Cruz, who the media despises. They include Louisiana's Cedric Richmond, 45, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and New Mexico's Ben Ray Lujan, 46, current chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Still, both parties claimed partial victory.

"The tax bill was written in 51 days without one hearing or without one witness offering testimony", Neal said during a wide-ranging news conference in MA on Wednesday.

Republicans largely avoided campaigning on the 2017 tax cuts, which were passed without a single Democratic vote and which many voters saw as a giveaway to the wealthy and major corporations.

Former United States president Barack Obama said "it was the most important election of our lifetimes", while President Donald Trump considered it a referendum on his administration. LePage governed largely by mobilizing the House minority Republican caucus to sustain a record number of 642 vetoes - more than all other ME governors combined going back to 1917 and 80 times as many as his predecessor, Baldacci.

Governors - who head the executive branch in state governments - have been chosen in 36 out of 50 states.

The Democratic sweep should end an era of highly charged partisan discord that was dominated by outgoing Republican Gov. Paul LePage and his prolific use of the veto.

The data left little doubt as to what caused the surge in enthusiasm.

At a news conference held on Wednesday noon, Trump said he hopes Republicans and Democrats can work together in the next few years to "continue delivering for the American people".

Highlighting GOP wins in Georgia and Florida, Trump recounted his own involvement on the campaign trial and said "I think we've done an awesome job...." That's the Trump we've all come to know and...tolerate.

Turnout broke records for midterm elections in Midwestern battlegrounds such as Wisconsin and Iowa, though with conflicting results. He'd also face the prospect of losing Iowa from his 2016 map.

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