Published: Wed, November 21, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

US preparing to add Venezuela to terrorism sponsors list

US preparing to add Venezuela to terrorism sponsors list

The Trump administration is reportedly exploring naming Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrora designation that only four countries now hold.

The four countries now on the list - North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria - have been found to "have repeatedly provided support for acts of worldwide terrorism".

The designation would put Venezuela alongside countries like ...

The Trump administration insisted that further sanctions may follow, potentially boycotting the purchase of Venezuelan oil, the last remaining sources of income to the socialist regime.

The designation would limit the US assistance to the country and ban financial transactions with the country.

Rubio and two other Republican senators implored Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a September letter to declare Venezuela a terrorism sponsor, accusing the country of links to both Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) but neglecting to furnish proof.

What Happened: Colombian President Ivan Duque has said his government will cut all diplomatic ties with Venezuela in January 2019, MercoPress reported November 20.

According to the analyst, once political and economic sanctions against the Venezuelan state can not strike team N. Maduro any damage.

The Washington Post, which first reported that the Trump administration was considering the designation, said the US State Department had been asking for feedback on the proposed move from various agencies in recent days.

Despite the fact that no evidence of the involvement of Caracas to the worldwide terrorist activities of Washington has not provided the White House plans to block this Latin American country "in its boundary limits".

"The regime really understands that the world is getting smaller for them".

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