Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

USA bar gunman posted on social media during attack that killed 12

USA bar gunman posted on social media during attack that killed 12

Both were closed due to a destructive wildfire in the area. They don't go around shooting people. The cause of the blazes was not known.

The war vet who massacred 12 people in a California bar once shook with rage as he attacked a track coach at his high school, she recalled in a report.

Mr Kuredjian said he did not know the content of any posts. "It's like we're all walking around kind of in a trance".

The shooter who terrorized college students at Borderline Bar & Grill was shockingly on social media as he shot a dozen people dead, and, based on what we now know, it sounds like they were revenge killings.

A mother whose son survived the Las Vegas massacre only to be shot dead in a California bar has demanded gun control instead of prayers.

Authorities in Thousand Oaks described an attack of military efficiency.

"Here we are just a few hours later talking now about another crisis right here in Thousand Oaks", Fox said, making the distinction that the shooting victims and their families had experienced a permanent loss. The winds and smoky conditions made for hard firefighting and at times grounded firefighting aircraft.

"They knew they had to take action and they went in and did what they had to do", the sheriff said. Fifty to 60 families gathered at the Thousand Oaks Teen Center in search of missing loved ones.

Evacuees described harrowing escapes from flames that picked up unexpectedly Thursday afternoon.

Last year, a country music festival in Las Vegas was the scene of the worst mass shooting in modern United States history.

Fighting back tears, Dominguez recounted how he saw the club's cashier, just a young girl, get shot before the suspect moved into the club, where he started firing at the dance floor.

Mark Meza is being remembered as a friendly, outgoing employee who had a great rapport with everyone at the Sandpiper Lodge, a Santa Barbara, California, hotel where he worked as a housekeeper. Or as close as we could get.

"We have a faith in our God, in our Christ", Johnston said. "My girlfriend was driving".

When CNN read the post to a friend of Long's, who did not want to be publicly identified, the friend said, "That does not sound like Ian to me at all".

Rich McMillen, 72, had put a few belongings in his vehicle when he noticed smoke picking up and saw flames in the distance.

Sheriff's Sgt. Eric Buschow said he came on the job around the same time as Helus. The couple separated in 2011 and dissolved the marriage in April 2013 in Ventura County, California. "To save other people".

To CBS Los Angeles, Colell said, "It's not PTSD..."

Marc Orfanos said his son was traumatized by the shooting, during which he helped carry severely wounded people out of the kill zone, the Washington Post reported.

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