Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Google Finally Fixes a Major Pixel 3 Problem

Google Finally Fixes a Major Pixel 3 Problem

Google has been leading the charge towards eSIMs, as they're called: the Pixel 2 was the first big smartphone to offer eSIM capability, and now the Pixel 3 has followed suit.

Some Pixel 2 and 3 users have found that their phones will close apps running in the background prematurely, but this new update reportedly fixes that. With this update, those problems should be resolved, although it's unclear how much Google can do with 4GB of available RAM in this day and age. The update should be available on your Pixel today.

On Monday, December 3rd, Google pushed out the December 2018 Android security update, which just so happens to address more than a dozen functionality issues affecting the Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

The $125 discount applies to each iteration of the Google Pixel 3, which means you can get either the vanilla variant or the XL variant in whichever storage capacity option you choose. Once finished, only Pixel users will be able to enjoy this new app as this app is only exclusive to Pixel devices until Google adds these new features to stock Android. And while this wasn't an issue that affected every user, it's still not exactly the kind of experience you'd like to see from a $1,200 phone. The app looks like an updated version of the Sounds menu found in the Pixel Settings. You should also notice better Hotword recognition and performance as well. Other notable inclusions include improved Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth patches, camera improvements, improved Always On Display triggering, and improved notifications.

However, Google also releases the OTA and factory images for all its updates, and the December update is now live for those who prefer to flash OS updates to their devices manually.

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