Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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Sheriff's Deputy Who Confronted Borderline Bar Shooter Was Killed by Friendly Fire

Sheriff's Deputy Who Confronted Borderline Bar Shooter Was Killed by Friendly Fire

Helus and the CHP officer returned fire with high-powered rifles, but Long was not struck by any of their rounds and took his own life after the firefight.

Officials didn't have much else to update about the investigation on Friday, nothing more on the motive or the exact timeline of events - just the news that broke all their hearts, most of all that of the patrolman, who learned of the bad mistake for the first time on Thursday.

"I think I can speak for all of our officers and for the Helus family and say once you are over the shock of hearing the news and you have a moment of clarity, you realize what the sheriff said here: It doesn't change the fact that he shot Ron five times in an ambush", Hagel told the Acorn. We know that Ventura County Sheriff Sgt. Ron Helus and a CHP officer bravely entered the bar together and engaged the suspect who had already shot and killed numerous people inside the establishment.

"He had no clue it was coming, was as surprised as all of us", Maples said.

Helus and the CHP officer, who has not been identified, were the first on the scene of the mass shooting that took place November 7.

The involved CHP officer is a nine-year veteran of the agency with a military background and was "devastated" by the news, the CHP said.

Five bullets traceable to the suspect's weapon were found during Helus' autopsy, according to Ventura County's chief medical examiner Christopher Young.

It was at that point that the CHP officer shot Helus once. "Her immediate reaction was that she wanted to meet with the CHP officer and let him know that she was OK. she knew how hard the news would be to him and his family". "Many were visibly bleeding from injuries received while escaping the bar".

"On behalf of 11,000 members of the CHP, I extend my heartfelt condolences to Sgt. Helus' family, friends, and the men and women of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office".

There's no new information regarding a motive in the mass shooting, the sheriff said.

"When Ventura County Sheriff's Sgt. Ron Helus and a CHP officer entered the bar, the suspect attacked nearly immediately, firing multiple rounds at both men", Ayub said.

Long threw smoke grenades into the bar, obstructing what employees and patrons could see before he opened fire. "He went there with a plan and a objective and that was to take innocent lives".

In addition to the dead, 22 people were wounded, many with cuts from glass after jumping through broken windows to escape.

"The burden lies exclusively with him (Long), not those who tried to save lives, those who tried to escape, and certainly not with those who died while simply trying to enjoy an evening with friends", Ayub added.

Then he used a flashlight with a laser sight attached to his.45-caliber semi-automatic pistol as he fired.

Panicked revellers ran for the doors, dived under tables and piled on top of each other in an effort to dodge the gunfire.

Long, a Marine veteran, took a tactical position and ambushed the officers when they entered the bar.

The 29-year veteran of the department was close to retirement.

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