Published: Fri, January 11, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

CES 2019: Google Pushes Assistant for Car, Adds Interpretation

CES 2019: Google Pushes Assistant for Car, Adds Interpretation

Google Assistant might be pretty much a standard option for Android phones, but Google found another way to extend its reach.

Interestingly, the company also said that "earlier speaker models" will be updated to "work" with the Assistant, so owners of, say, the Play:1, Play:5, Playbase or Playbar could be in luck.

Once you have updated your Google Maps, Just say "Hey Google, take me home", to open Google Maps and get help from your Assistant on your journey. We have more coverage of Google and much more from CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Now, gadgets can achieve all that by simplifying connecting to an existing Google Assistant device in a user's home.

And it wouldn't be CES without a new product or two joining the Google Assistant family.

Google kicked off the official opening day of CES 2019 Tuesday by revealing all the new ways that its voice assistant could make your entire life more connected in 2019. "Soon, you'll be able to check in to your flight (starting first with domestic flights with United Airlines), save and retrieve your boarding pass, all with the Google Assistant on Android or iOS", Google added.

Finally, Google, which expects the voice-powered AI to be on one billion devices around the world by January end, introduced Assistant Connect to help third-party device makers easily integrate the AI into their products. Essentially, people can ask Google Assistant to be their personal interpreter and it will provide real-time spoken (on Google Home) or written (on smart displays) translations to help you and the other person understand what each of you are saying. If they plan to stay at a particular hotel or motel, they can book a room using Google Assistant. That means rather than using the Sonos device as a standalone smart speaker, the older speakers will require a secondary device in order to gain Google Assistant control.

Verizon says you'll be able to buy HumX with Google Assistant in Q1 of this year.

Google Assistant is also making headway in the automobile arena with forthcoming accessories that plug into a vehicle's socket and connect smartphones to auto stereos via Bluetooth or auxiliary inputs.

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