Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

[H]ardOCP: Fallout 76 Players Glitched Their Way Into a Developer Room

[H]ardOCP: Fallout 76 Players Glitched Their Way Into a Developer Room

Such dev rooms are not uncommon, and as you might expect, are used to debug items and how they interact within the game engine.

PC Fallout 76 experimenting with mods have discovered a hidden "developer room" in the game, which contains all the game's weapons, armor, items, and even plans and recipes for unreleased stuff. (Eurogamer has contacted Bethesda for confirmation as to whether it is suspending accounts for entering the developer room.) Despite it now being seemingly risky to retrieve items from the room, some of my sources claimed players are using mule accounts to take the items before quickly transferring them to other accounts before the banhammer comes crashing down (one source told me these items are being traded in a Russian-language trading Discord).

It turns out Fallout 76 also has such a test room, too, and despite there being no console for players to be able to access it, some clever gamers have managed to find their way in anyway, and made a few surprising discoveries as a result, according to Eurogamer. A video touring the developer room can be seen below from anonymous YouTuber Mr.

What's a developer room, and what's it doing in Fallout 76?

It would appear that not every human is another player in Fallout 76, contrary to Todd Howard's speech at E3 2018. X, showcasing Winterized, Military and Atom Cats power armour paint jobs that are expected to debut in the PvP factions update. I think the more pressing question is "who is Woobly, and why didn't he make it into the final game?" Apparently accounts belonging to players who enter the room are being banned, but those to which the items are transferred remain unscathed. The short clip shows a player stumbling upon the dev room where a lone human NPC stands only to ultimately get his ass kicked by the player. Some have claimed game servers on console have felt more unstable than usual since the patch notes were released, blaming a panic over the upcoming removal of duplication glitches. One of the biggest complains about the latest in the Fallout series, though it is - again - a spin-off, is that there are no human NPCs walking around. Oh, and yes, there is a human NPC, maybe the only one in the game, hanging out in there.

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