Published: Sun, January 20, 2019
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Kris Bryant dissed St. Louis and Yadier Molina called him a loser

Kris Bryant dissed St. Louis and Yadier Molina called him a loser

"I know a lot of the other players are pretty upset about it". So, Kris Bryant "roasting" St. Louis is now a story. But then Yadier Molina chimed in with his thoughts on the comments, implying Bryant was stupid for saying what he did about St. Louis. "It's so boring", Bryant said in an interview with former Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster.

Think the Cubs rivalry with the Cardinals was getting stale?

Cardinal fans wasted no time jumping on social media to voice their frustration with Bryant's comments.

We begin at the Cubs' winter fan convention, where third baseman and 2016 NL MVP Kris Bryant chose to take shot at St. Louis in a chat with a former Cub, pitcher Ryan Dempster, that was open to fans.

Lozano's comments aim to discredit the tweets of ESPN's Buster Olney and USA Today's Bob Nightengale both respected journalists in the Major League Baseball community, but whose reporting on the on-going courtship of Machado is lacking, due to sources feeding them "regurgitated falsehoods", in his opinion. "Where do you not like to play?'" the 2016 NL MVP continued. Bryant said. "Boring. So boring".

"Who would want to play in St. Louis?"

I have known Bob Nightengale and Buster Olney for many years and have always had a good professional relationship with both.

Dempster followed: "Isn't that amusing, the longer you play in the division, the more you play those teams, like, I remember when I was getting traded and they were like, 'Hey, how about St. Louis?' I'm like, 'Zero chance in hell". That series will take place in Chicago, where fans will have Bryant's back.

The two were talking about the current offseason that saw Bryant, highly sought free agent Bryce Harper and rapper Nelly - a St. Louis native - cross paths in Las Vegas.

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