Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Ring’s newest doorbell sits over your door’s peephole

Ring’s newest doorbell sits over your door’s peephole

Ring says there's no need for drilling or making any other major changes to your door, but you do need a door with a peephole for this thing to work.

Ring offers a home security system, called Alarm, which launched previous year with a kit that consisted of an alarm, keypad, a motion sensor ($30 each for additional ones), and a window or door sensor ($20 each for additional ones). You'll still have a peephole viewer via the door, but also now through the Ring app.

Amazon-owned Ring is kicking off CES 2019 - and the new year - with a new video doorbell, a Smart Lighting system, and a Ring Alarm expansion. Peepholes are centered in the middle of the door, in ideal line of visitors.

The Ring Door view Cam is a smart, compact HD camera that delivers mobile notifications when anyone presses the built-in doorbell button, knocks on the door or triggers the motion sensors (a feature unique to this video doorbell).

Ring Floodlight Battery ($49.99) - Wire-free, motion-activated smart light ideal for illuminating the driveway, yard, and walkways that features a combined 600 lumens and adjustable mounts and settings.

Ring is also adding a number of new sensors that work with Ring Alarm, its comprehensive home security product.

In addition, the Ring Smart Lighting lineup will include a wired floodlight that connects to your current electric box that will be priced at $69.99.

It will be officially available in the US later this year for $199, and come to the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Sweeden, Denmark, and Finland eventually as well. You can take this sequence even further if you have a Ring Protect Plus subscription; the Ring Smart Lights can then prompt Ring Doorbells and cameras to start recording.

Ring has not yet announced pricing or a release date for these new products.

It is also introducing smart lock integration with triggering functionality. We will keep you posted when that happens.

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