Published: Mon, January 14, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Snow and freezing temperatures set to hit Britain this week

Snow and freezing temperatures set to hit Britain this week

A blast of Arctic air will bring freezing temperatures to the United Kingdom this week and end what has been a mild start to the new year.

"This cold air will start to move across the country on Wednesday covering Scotland and northern England in the morning before continuing its journey southeastwards". Unlike the "Beast from the East" a year ago, this event is burrowing down through the atmosphere relatively slowly.

And although temperatures are predicted to drop after Tuesday, the sun is expected to be out on Thursday.

"We are thinking the maximum temperatures at the end of this week are likely to be 2C-3C on the coast and around zero in the lower Highlands".

The long-range forecast from the Met Office also warns that the end of January and early February have "an increased likelihood of cold weather being established across all of the United Kingdom, with temperatures continuing a downward trend to become cold or very cold".

But if we are going to get hit by snow, and it remains a big if, it is going to come at roughly the same time.

"The weekend could be slightly more unsettled and cold with outbreaks of rain and hill snow, the trend thereafter is for something colder to persist".

Also warning that frost could become widespread and severe.

Similar weather is expected to persist until Wednesday, when temperatures plunge down to -10C, seeing in heavy rain and snow, according to the Met office.

"That has a tendency to lead to cold weather in Scotland but doesn't necessarily".

While this is the average temperature for January, Diamond said the sharp change from the mild weather will be noticeable across the country.

"The week beginning Monday 21 January, there is a stronger signal of it getting colder, that would increase the risk of snow across the United Kingdom".

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, warned the cold weather could dig in through the rest of winter.

And Courier country will not escape the wintry conditions.

SSW is more often than not followed by a cold spell and is what caused extreme weather during the Beast from the East from late February into early March 2018.

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