Published: Mon, January 14, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Trump Says He's 'Not Keeping Anything Under Wraps,' About Meetings With Putin

Trump Says He's 'Not Keeping Anything Under Wraps,' About Meetings With Putin

Without hesitation, the president fired back, "I think it's the most insulting thing I've ever been asked". 'I think it's the most insulting article I've ever had written'.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the Mueller investigation as a "witch hunt" and views it as an attempt to besmirch the legitimacy of his presidency.

During his interview with Pirro, Trump also responded to questions about a Washington Post report regarding his private conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The big move: He reportedly took the notes of his interpreter after meeting with Putin in Helsinki and ordered the linguist not to tell other White House officials what transpired.

As the Mueller investigation nears an apparent end, Democratic Senator Mark Warner told CNN that the question of whether Trump ever worked on the Russians' behalf is central - the probe's "defining question".

"Anybody could have listened to that meeting", he said. Large swaths of the government have been shut down for weeks while Trump and Democrats in Congress remain at an impasse over money for the border wall.

Trump himself, characteristically, took to Twitter on Saturday to discuss his firing of Comey.

'I'm not going to talk about what we may have been briefed in "the Gang of Eight" when these investigations opened, but I do think it's curious that throughout that whole summer when these investigations started, you had Vladimir Putin policies nearly being parroted by Donald Trump, ' Warner said.

Trump has expressed bafflement that he is not getting more credit for largely staying put during the shutdown. Aides acknowledge that the West Wing mishandled the first few days of the shutdown, when Trump remained out of sight, and are now trying to use the trappings of his office, with an Oval Office speech, a visit to the Texas border and the president's frequent tweets about waiting in the White House for Democrats to act.

On this weekend's broadcast of "Fox News Sunday", Sen.

One day after the New York Times made the claim, Pirro posed the question to Trump in an interview on Saturday night, asking: 'Are you now or have you ever worked for Russia, Mr. President?'

And Adam Schiff, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted that Democrats on the committee had sought a year ago to obtain interpreters' notes or testimony about Trump's private meeting with Putin in Helsinki, but Republicans voted them down.

Russian Federation has denied interfering, and Trump has said repeatedly there was no collusion between his campaign and Moscow.

The reports come as Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation looms large in the background, punctuated by guilty pleas, convictions and indictments of former Trump associates. The senator also suggested that his Texas constituency cares more about border security and economic policies than Mueller's investigation into Russian Federation campaign meddling and possible collusion between the then-presidential candidate's campaign team and Moscow officials.

In their message to Trump, the chairmen of the Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight committees say: "Our nation's laws prohibit efforts to discourage, intimidate, or otherwise pressure a witness not to provide testimony to Congress".

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