Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Ariana Grande a no-show despite winning first Grammy Award

Ariana Grande a no-show despite winning first Grammy Award

Ariana did not respond to the latest comments made by Ehrlich but when it was announced that Sweetener won the running for Best Pop Vocal Album - Ari was feeling bittersweet. Recent reports indicated Grande pulled out of the show after creative conflicts, and long-time producer of the show Ken Ehrlich told The Associated Press the reason was that the singer felt it was "too late to pull something together". But that characterization didn't sit well with Grande, and the pop star took to Twitter to call Ehrlich out. With public favor on her side, Ken Erlich reached out to Rolling Stone magazine for a chance at a rebuttal. Her split with Davidson was factored heavily into the mix and, for a time, she considered omitting any reference to the SNL comedian, she says because she wanted "to be protective".

He also said that he never spoke to Grande directly, and instead worked with her management team. "I will say this, and they don't want me to say it but I'm going to say it: The thing that probably bothered me more than whatever else she said about me is when she said I'm not collaborative". "I understand that to a lot of people, I'm not a real person, or it's easy to just kind of like see me as like, a song or a picture or like a thing that kind of exists in their head and they know what they know and that's it". You can ask Christina Aguilera, who I asked to do "It's a Man's World" for James Brown. You can ask Ricky Martin who overnight became the creator of the Latin music revolution.

There was nearly a version of "Thank U, Next" released where Grande didn't mention any of her past boyfriends in the lyrics. "Trust, I tried and still truly wished it had worked". Ask H.E.R. who's in this show.

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