Published: Tue, February 12, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

California Gov. Newsom Will Withdraw National Guard From Border

California Gov. Newsom Will Withdraw National Guard From Border

Gavin Newsom is withdrawing several hundred National Guard troops from the nation's southern border and changing their mission. "If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event!" He made clear his intention to challenge Trump on border and immigration policy, and there is no indication that this will be anything but wildly popular in California. Jerry Brown had yielded to Trump's request to send 400 National Guard troops to the border.

Newsom's announcement comes as a rebuke of Trump's order to strengthen military enforcement at the us southern border, especially after the president said that illegal migrants and refugees coming over the border from Central America are threatening America's national security. If Harris and Newsom split the home-state vote, that could provide an opening for other Democrats to get past California's new position in the primary.

In an implicit slap at Donald Trump, Gov. Gavin Newsom will order an end to the National Guard deployment at the US-Mexico border in California.

"The border "emergency" is a manufactured crisis, and California will not be part of this political theater", he is expected to say during the speech, according to copies obtained by the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times.

The move was a rebuke to President Donald Trump, who won election in 2016 partly on a populist pledge to build a wall on the southern USA border which he said in his campaign Mexico would pay for. During a recent visit to San Diego, Newsom said "we should be celebrating" migrants who seek asylum legally and contrasted California's efforts to assist them - including a $25 million outlay in his first budget proposal - with what he called Trump's disingenuous narrative "that somehow these caravans are coming in to create havoc".

Brown said he agreed to the mission after persuading the federal government to commit to paying for it and kept the guard members under the direction of the state.

The general order assigns 110 troops for wildfire prevention and another 100 to be used in intelligence operations against drug cartels, including a small group at the state's ports of entry. Without California and New Mexico's forces, only just over 1,700 troops would be left in Texas and Arizona.

Newsom said Trump's plans to deploy another 3,750 USA military troops to the border was yet another reason to realign the priorities of the National Guard. His office said the troops will be pulled back no later than March 31. "But then we repealed and healed".

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