Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
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California to pull plug on billion-dollar bullet train, cites ballooning costs

California to pull plug on billion-dollar bullet train, cites ballooning costs

Newsom rebuked President Donald Trump again on border security after saying Monday he will withdraw most of the state's National Guard troops from the Mexico border.

Gavin Newsom abandoned a high-speed rail project Tuesday that sought to connect Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Newsom has laid out his vision for California twice already, in his inaugural address and through his first crack at the state budget.

Newsom said he'll continue to push for more federal funding and private dollars to fund the project Brown envisioned, but first he wants to "just get something done".

"This so-called bullet train is a solution in search of a problem that is plagued by billions of dollars in cost overruns and fiscal mismanagement", San Diego Councilman Mark Kersey told Fox News in 2018, adding that the billions wasted on the project "could have been invested in our current infrastructure needs, such as water storage, flood control, highways and bridges".

Despite lawsuits from property owners and taxpayer groups seeking to block it, as well as cost overruns and delays, workers are now building a stretch of the line between Merced and Bakersfield in the state's parched Central Valley farming region.

"There's no doubt that our state's economy and quality of life depend on improving transportation", Newsom said during his State of the State Address in Sacramento. Gavin Newsom said he's abandoning the plan as "too costly".

The governor also chose to replace former Gov.

Concept art shows the planned high-speed train that was to have run from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

[Jerry] Brown, and Gov. [Arnold] Schwarzenegger's vision.

Newsom, though, said he wants to finish construction that's already under way on a segment of the high-speed train through California's Central Valley, arguing it will revitalize the economically depressed region. "Overall immigrant apprehensions on the border last year were as low as they've been in almost 50 years".

Newsom, though, said there's been a "gray area" in the troops duties that may have allowed some to inadvertently participate in immigration activities, although a Guard official said the state's troops have not helped detain anyone.

He appointed Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg to lead a new state commission focused on California's homeless crisis. His administration recently sued the Orange County city of Huntington Beach, accusing it of not meeting its affordable housing goals.

Newsom criticized "fear-mongering that's coming out of the White House", likening Trump's rhetoric on immigrants to George W. Bush opposing same-sex marriage when he was president, during an era when LGBT people had less public support and fewer civil protections. "These cities need to summon the political courage to build their fair share of housing".

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he'll have a plan within 60 days for dealing with the recent bankruptcy filing by Pacific Gas & Electric after years of devastating wildfires. They will work with his administration to develop what he called a comprehensive strategy.

"He also promised to address the pressure that climate change is putting on utilities".

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