Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Demonstrator loses hand at Paris 'yellow vest' march

Demonstrator loses hand at Paris 'yellow vest' march

Saturday's protest in the French capital was one of the most violent and gruesome since the movement began back in November 2018.

Paris police said a demonstrator lost four fingers when riot officers stopped protesters from storming the National Assembly.

They have since broadened into a revolt against the President, Emmanuel Macron, and a political class seen as out of touch with common people.

A Sentinelle security operation vehicle is burning in front of the Eiffel Tower during a demonstration as the "Yellow Vests" protesters take to the streets for the 13th consecutive Saturday.

In the south of France police blocked yellow vest leader Maxime Nicolle from crossing into Italy to join forces with Italian demonstrators.

"The governments of France and Italy have their differences", he said.

At the march in the southeast city of Lyon, Benard, a 56-year-old computer technician, expressed scepticism about Macron's "great debate" initiative created to address people's grievances.

"We're not children, we're adults", said Hugues Salone, a computer engineer from Paris, among the chanting and placard-waving protesters.

The Interior Ministry estimated the total number of protesters around France at 12,000, including 4,000 in Paris.

Thousands of protesters also turned out in the French cities of Marseille and Montpellier as well as Bordeaux and Toulouse and in several cities in France's north and west.

But last week's official estimates were disputed both by march organisers and contradicted by an independent estimate carried out for news media, which gave a higher estimate.

The protests have brought hundreds of thousands of people out onto the streets all over France. Recent polls show Macron's approval ratings are rising. It was carried out on January 30 and 31.

Politicians came together to condemn the arson attack on the home of Richard Ferrand, a close ally of Mr Macron, in Motreff, Brittany.

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