Published: Fri, February 22, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Fortnite Live Norwich festival to be sued by game creator

Fortnite Live Norwich festival to be sued by game creator

American firm Epic Games confirmed it had "issued a claim against the organisers" in London's High Court.

According to EuroGamer, Epic Games plans to sue the organizers behind the event, with a spokesperson for the company stating that it wasn't involved with the United Kingdom event.

Lord complained about a "media frenzy" and revealed that Epic Games, "have now forced the shutdown of the two pre-booked Fortnite Live events, with the immediate removal of all promotional communication from the public domain".

Exciting Events ran the unofficial "Fortnite event of the year" in Norwich last weekend, which was criticised for having underwhelming attractions.

An unofficial Fortnite Live event that occurred last Saturday in the United Kingdom turned out to be a disaster and Epic Games announced on Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit against the event's organizers. Their brazen use of Fortnite assets to promote the event notwithstanding, it's a shame that their ambition outstripped their abilities to put on a decent show for fans.

For the full story, read tomorrow's Spalding Guardian. The attractions apparently were not that great, the price of admission was rather high, and some folks even received refunds on the day of the event. Only four children at a time could participate in archery, and a single climbing wall could only accommodate three kids simultaneously.

Note: Epic Games has nothing to do with this event.

Suspicions that the festival might not live up to expectations came when early-bird ticket holders were seen leaving at 10 AM. But it takes more than an idea to pull off a festival, and Exciting Events neither had the resources nor the staff to support this unlicensed Fortnite experience. As a result of Epic's action, Exciting Events has ceased trading, as of today (19 February), according to local press.

Several customers chose to request for refunds after the disappointing event.

Since the event people have demanded refunds on Facebook. There weren't almost enough consoles to play the game on, either, leaving many who showed up baffled by the lack of preparation.

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