Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
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Man Forges Kanye West's Signature to Steal $900K from Fashion Brand

Man Forges Kanye West's Signature to Steal $900K from Fashion Brand

There were rumours earlier this week that Ye was to perform at the event, before it was shut down by his wife Kim Kardashian on Twitter. Music, TMZ reported, citing sources with knowledge of the situation.

Music associate and friend to Kanye West, stands accused of embezzling money from his boss' charity function: a fashion show orchestrated with the help of Phillip Plein. He reportedly began negotiations with the designer and asked $900,000 for Yeezy's performance at the event - which was never going to happen. Yusef is saying that Kanye West did inform Philip Plein of his intentions to bow out in a timely manner. The contract states that the deal involved walking the red carpet, attending the catwalk presentation, and staying for a dinner (decked out in Philipp Plein, obviously). Unfortunately, no one from the fashion house saw the report last June that West is no longer affiliated with the organization formerly known as Donda's House, now called Art of Culture Incorporated.

The Blast also reports that an additional $150,000 was wired to Burundi Partlow Consulting, which is a Chicago-based company.

He also blasted Kanye for not coming to his aide, when he is so quick to defend his buddy, United States President, Donald Trump. Besides West's forged signature, the contract has Yusef's signature and a stamp above Kanye's name. Unfortunately we too were affected by this misrepresentation. We have recently been in contact with Kanye's official team and are releasing this statement in unison to clarify that there has not been any misconduct on any of our parts. He's adamant he's not scamming anyone and points out he's been working with Kanye for years ... and they run a foundation together.

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