Published: Thu, February 14, 2019
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Michael Jordan: Six championships harder than streaks

Michael Jordan: Six championships harder than streaks

Harden scored 30 points in the 30th consecutive game, while Westbrook recorded his tenth consecutive triple-double.

The only thing seemingly that has eluded Jordan, who turns 56 on Sunday - the day of the All-Star game - is ultimate success as an executive and team owner.

Jordan won all six of his championships with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. and both Harden and Westbrook have a long way to go if either player wants to win the amount of titles Jordan has.

Michael Jordan said James Harden's streak of 30 straight 30-point games and Russell Westbrook's 10 straight triple-doubles are both impressive and tough to accomplish. Which is harder from a player's perspective?

Over the last few months of the National Basketball Association season, James Harden and Russell Westbrook have been on a tear while making National Basketball Association history, in which they're both now on offensive streaks that have put them in a category of their own.

It might not have been a coincidence that as Jordan basked in the laughter his line provoked among the assembled media, his hand moved to the ring he was wearing.

When asked about which he thought was a more remarkable accomplishment, Michael Jordan chose to not even answer the question.

James, now with the Los Angeles Lakers, added in the video, "Everybody was just talking how [the Warriors] were the greatest team of all time, like it was the greatest team ever assembled".

"When I hear [greatest ever], I cringe a little bit, because it's a little bit embarrassing, because no one knows".

"Frankly, no", Jordan said Tuesday (Wednesday, Philippine time) in a news conference previewing the All-Star game.

On Tuesday, Jordan sounded a decidedly different note.

Jordan's mentality is why he was so dominant on the court.

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