Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Nintendo 3DS to live alongside Switch, but for how long?

Nintendo 3DS to live alongside Switch, but for how long?

Nintendo's online subscription service called Nintendo Switch Online offers several incentives for subscribers including online play and a catalogue of retro games, but Nintendo is now planning on adding to its appeal even more.

Now that the Switch has reached over 32 million units sold, Nintendo has been wanting to push families into purchasing more than one per household.

In Canada, the service starts at $4.99 per month.

The discounts will run until February 21, though if nothing in the sale catches your eye, you can head to our best Nintendo Switch Online games round-up for the best titles played with friends or foes. The 3DS market has "contracted faster than we anticipated", however many are still taking advantage of the "desirable price point" of the aging console.

"While the Nintendo 3DS market has contracted faster than we anticipated, now many of consumers who newly purchase Nintendo 3DS are consumers purchasing it as their first game system".

Nintendo's director Shinya Takahashi echoed these sentiments by saying Nintendo is "preparing various new offerings for consumers who subscriber to the service".

When asked about the recent announcement of their downgraded target and here's what Furukawa had to say, "This holiday season, we were able to release three major titles (Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu!/Pokemon Let's Go, Eevee!, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate), and were able to grow our year-on-year hardware sales in every region".

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