Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Now You Can Download New Episodes Automatically On Netflix For iOS

Now You Can Download New Episodes Automatically On Netflix For iOS

This feature, according to the company, will help its iOS users manage their downloaded content much more easily on the Netflix app. Netflix's Smart Downloads feature automatically downloads the next episode of a show you are watching when you finish the current episode. Richie Mehta's "Delhi Crime" to Premiere on Netflix on March 22.

Smart Downloads, as the name suggests, is a smarter version of the Downloads feature that lets you save Netflix content to your device's local storage for offline viewing. They will also have the ability to opt-out of this feature if they choose. It has finally made the leap to Netflix for iOS.

Netflix's offline download feature is available for a large number of shows and movies on the platform, providing subscribers with a way to watch the videos when they're away from a reliable Internet connection. Obviously, if you happen to download each scene of a series on the double, the application won't delete or supplant any of them once viewed. However, you can also disable this option as well. Back then, downloading was still limited to a smaller subsection of Netflix's catalog, with studios like Disney initially not making their titles available for download.

NOTE: If there are no additional episodes to download in your series, the last watched episode will not be deleted. As for Netflix, the company wants you to get access to your favorite content more easily.

You should have the new feature on your Netflix app now if you have your device set for automatic updates, otherwise you can find the update in the Apple App Store now.

"The faster our members can get to the next episode of their favourite stories, the better".

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