Published: Sat, February 09, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Samsung patent reveals camera-wielding S-Pen fit for James Bond

Samsung patent reveals camera-wielding S-Pen fit for James Bond

Based on the illustrations, it focuses on providing an optical zoom feature by having an optical lens at the end of the S Pen. Now it looks like Samsung is looking to stuff a lot more imaging tech into the S Pen, as a patent reveals it has been working on hosting a zoom camera within the pen's barrel.

As with all patents, there's no guarantee a camera-loaded S-Pen will ever become a reality.

The stylus would be capable of sending the imaging signals or data to the connected device via a wire as well as wirelessly, possibly through Bluetooth.

First spotted by Patently Mobile, Samsung's patent shows an electronic pen with four optical lenses stacked inside the top of its housing, but the application leaves room for the number of lenses to vary. The camera embedded into the stylus is supposed to be controlled by an external button. Long story short, the patent describes a method including a camera into the S Pen, which will feature at least one lens and an image sensor. Using the extra space in the stylus opens up an opportunity to include a wider range of optical zoom options. Although the next iteration of the Galaxy Note series is still months away from been official, internal work on the device might already be in progress. Like in case with all other patents, it's not like we would see the new functionality on the Galaxy Note 9 successor. The patent paints a picture which indicates that the company is going to remove both the notch and punch hole display designs. However, I would imagine that video calls would be mildly annoying via the S-Pen camera, as you'd need to hold the stylus up for the duration of the call.

The Note 9's S Pen acted as a remote shutter for the smartphone's camera and could be programmed to launch other apps.

Giving users a higher-quality zoom on Samsung devices seems great on its own, but the bigger implication is that the stylus could take over the duties of the selfie-cam.

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