Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Students recount moments after shooting at school

Students recount moments after shooting at school

The Baltimore Police Department received emergency calls around noon Friday that a staff member at Frederick Douglass High School had been shot.

The injured staffer was a male and the suspect is reportedly in custody, though there is no word on the condition of the shooting victim.

Baltimore school officials tweeted that the school is on lockdown after a staffer was shot by an adult visitor to the school.

The suspect was taken into custody, officials said.

Police said a 56-year-old hall monitor confronted the gunman in the school's entrance.

"In a city where violence is too present, our schools must be havens of safety and peace, where confrontation and weapons have no place".

Authorities credited the quick action of school police, who were working inside the school at the time and were able to swiftly apprehend and disarm the shooter without incident. "We believe this is an outside person who confronted the person inside the school", Conaway said. We only learned about the shooting from a cousin who works for the school system. A message would have been nice, ' said Keith Young, a claims adjuster who rushed through traffic to pick up his stepson, Terrence, a 10th grader.

The victim was later identified as Michael Marks, a special education assistant at the school, Baltimore's Fox 45 reported.

A shooting investigation is underway at Fredrick Douglass High School.

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