Published: Thu, March 28, 2019
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

AAF Already At Risk Of Folding Says Majority Owner & Chairman

AAF Already At Risk Of Folding Says Majority Owner & Chairman

Last month, league co-founder Charlie Ebersol negotiated with Dundon to make the deal, which allowed plenty of breathing room for the AAF.

Dundon says the AAF wants to be a development league of sorts, but the NFL isn't letting them do it.

The AAF is in Week 8 of its 10-week regular season.

The problem arises from the upstart league's inability to come to an agreement that would result in certain NFL players being available to the AAF.

Dundron says the NFLPA expressed to him that another big concern was a young National Football League player feeling "pressure to play" in the AAF, which now is in Week 8 of its inaugural season. As the source explained it, those players would receive the same payment that a practice squad player receives if he suffers a season-ending injury.

Tom Dundon, the majority owner of the Alliance of American Football league, told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday that if the AAF is unable to get cooperation from the NFL Players' Association to populate its rosters with young players from NFL rosters, the league will likely face its demise.

In February, Dundon committed to invest $250 million into the league after reports surfaced of missed payroll for the players.

The official also said it could be a risk to their safety regarding rest and recovery time, and could violate the collective bargaining agreement.

It's not the first existential threat the AAF has faced this season.

Dundon told the outlet that he expects to decide on the league's future by the end of the week. If he now signs off, the AAF may indeed be out of business.

For now, underscore the word "if".

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