Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Dark mode comes to Google Chrome on MacOS

Dark mode comes to Google Chrome on MacOS

Dark mode has been an ongoing trend, and now it's finally available for Google Chrome on Mac on its newest version, Chrome 73.

Google began testing native picture-in-picture (PIP) video mode for Chrome previous year, but Chrome 73 sees the feature getting an expanded presence on the browser's desktop version, extending PIP support to progressive web apps. If you don't enable the system-wide dark mode in macOS Mojave, you won't be able to enjoy the dark mode in Google Chrome as well. Google first announced dark mode for Chrome last month, and soon after released several new themes that allow you to change the browser color from white to black, yellow, blue, rose pink and other hues.

Sure, you could download "dark mode" themes from the Chrome store before, Chrome's native dark mode features the design sensibilities one would expect from Google.

Add -enable-features=WebUIDarkMode -force-dark-mode string in the Target field after "chrome.exe" (see the screenshot below). The update also integrates early versions of a Skip Ad feature for PIP videos and the ability to quickly jump back to the video's tab or app.

Chrome 73 with new Dark Mode now available to all

To show users when a page has been optimised, Chrome shows a Lite icon in the URL bar, denoting that a toned down version of the page is being displayed. Users get enhanced spell check, a new option for "safe browsing extended reporting". Some users are able to inadvertently access dark mode so there is at least some information to be had about it but dark mode simply isn't ready yet for the overwhelming majority of testers.

If you're a Chrome user who also happens to use a Mac, you're in for some good news.

If you're a Windows user, Google says that there is an update in the works. The release notes promise that the "Windows support is on the way". If not, you can also go to Chrome - About Google Chrome and trigger the update manually.

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