Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
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Explaining Georgia Tech's alleged recruiting violations, including a strip club visit

Explaining Georgia Tech's alleged recruiting violations, including a strip club visit

Of the three allegations, the NCAA says two are considered a "severe breach of conduct", considered the highest "Level 1" violations.

A strip club, an National Basketball Association veteran, an ex-assistant coach and the head coach's former friend are at the center of alleged recruiting violations by Georgia Tech. You might have heard that the NCAA recently accused Georgia Tech of some serious recruiting violations, which involve a strip club trip, but you're not really sure what else is going on.

The report states the NCAA found that in November 2016, LaBarrie took a team member and a recruit on an official visit to an Atlanta strip club, fostered improper contact with a booster and that the two young men were given $300 in cash.

His actions could merit a show-cause order, meaning any penalties would follow him to his next job.

The NCAA also alleges that LaBarrie attempted to obfuscate its investigation into the matter, according to Sugiura, both by providing misleading statements and encouraging the second unnamed player to do the same. "People who know me know my character and what I stand for". LaBarrie, who is charged with offering impermissible benefits and failure to cooperate with NCAA investigators, was placed on administrative leave in 2017 and later resigned.

Jack, a 13-year National Basketball Association veteran, has not played this season after being released by the New Orleans Pelicans in October. The notice of allegations doesn't explicitly name Pastner or blame him, though the alleged violations occurred on his watch.

The NCAA also declared Bell, a resident of Tucson, Arizona, as a booster of Georgia Tech's athletic interests, despite objections from university officials.

LaBarrie denied all charges, according to the Journal-Constitution.

His Yellow Jackets made the NIT in his first season (2016-17) but have missed the postseason each of the last two years. Bell allegedly gave clothing, meals, and plane tickets to former Georgia Tech players Josh Okogie (now with the Minnesota Timberwolves) and Tadric Jackson, and also attempted to convince Memphis' Markel Crawford to transfer. "This will all be over soon and will not define me as a person or a coach".

Although Georgia Tech lost to Notre Dame in the first round of the ACC tournament Tuesday, Pastner was still in Charlotte when news of the violations broke Thursday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

But he was not named in the allegations and "has not been charged with failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance nor failure to monitor his staff", and the program has not been accused of lacking institutional control, ESPN reported according to sources. Pastner's attorney told ESPN that he "cooperated fully" with NCAA investigators. The Notice of Allegations is the first part of this process.

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