Published: Sun, March 17, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Flood warnings issued along Tittabawasse and Saginaw rivers for this weekenda

Flood warnings issued along Tittabawasse and Saginaw rivers for this weekenda

The National Weather Service predicts "much calmer" weather in most areas this weekend, .

Since issuing that statement, the Weather Service itself had to evacuate due to a dike failure on the Platte River. Valley County, Nebraska also announced a mandatory evacuation of all residents early on Friday. Dozens of residents were later evacuated, The Weather Channel reported. Even if they are well back from a known water source, the location might be the last, best spot to turn around. Two others are missing.

River to hit official 17-foot flood level at Carrollton Gage on Saturday, with warning in effect until March 23.

The GRCA said there is the potential for ice jams in Grand Valley, New Hamburg, West Montrose, Brantford, Six Nations Territory, Cayuga and Port Maitland.

"We do not expect any flooding to occur, but will continue to monitor the situation and will update this message as and when the situation changes".

Cooper Nuclear Station, a nuclear power plant in Nebraska, took precautions as the Missouri River continued to rise.

Grand River (City of Brantford and Six Nations): Flows are expected to peak in the Grand River through the City of Brantford on Friday evening.

The plant was built at 903 feet above sea level, which is 13 feet above natural grade, NPPD said. At 4:45 a.m. Thursday, the stage was 20.2 feet, or 0.2 feet above flood stage. It is now at 42.5 feet and rising. Electricity then would be delivered from other sources.

NPPD said its procedures require it to declare an unusual event to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission when the Missouri River tops 899 feet above sea level. While additional rises are not expected to be massive, the river may not crest until Saturday or Sunday in this area.

Flooding remained a concern in the lower Missouri River region, with the weather service issuing warnings along the river and its tributaries from southeastern South Dakota to St. Louis. In Lodi, the mayor has said it's the worst he's ever seen in his 71 years. The flooding was the worst in almost a decade in places, though the situation was expected to improve quickly over the weekend, according to Mike Gillispie, National Weather Service hydrologist in Sioux Falls.

The flooding has been caused by a combination of factors. The massive storm moved into Canada on Friday. It was exacerbated by a now-melting hefty winter snow pack left by record winter precipitation.

Authorities were using boats and large vehicles on Saturday to rescue and evacuate residents in parts of the Midwest where a recent deluge of rainwater and snowmelt was sent pouring over frozen ground, overwhelming creeks and rivers, and killing at least one person.

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