Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
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Gang Members Spotted Comforting People After New Zealand Terror Attack

Gang Members Spotted Comforting People After New Zealand Terror Attack

Leaders, organisations and the media around the world expressed disgust and sorrow at the killing of 49 people in shootings at two New Zealand mosques on Friday, attacks that many blamed on the demonisation of Muslims by the West.

Tarrant - an Australian citizen - live-streamed chilling footage of the attack as it was in progress.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant appeared in court amid strict security, shackled and wearing all-white prison garb, and showed no emotion when the judge read him one murder charge. He will be in custody until April 5, according to the High Court in Christchurch.

Police said IEDs, improvised explosive devices, were found with a vehicle they stopped.

The massacre during Friday prayers prompted a heartfelt response from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who pronounced it "one of New Zealand's darkest days" and said the shooter, an Australian native, had chosen to strike in New Zealand "because we represent diversity, kindness, compassion".

Tarrant has been described as a suspected white supremacist, based on his social media activity.

The suspected gunman livestreamed video of the attack and posted a lengthy manifesto online under the name of Brenton Tarrant. The manifesto, titled "The Great Replacement", also stated that "the invaders must be removed from European soil, regardless from where they came or when they came". Roma, African, Indian, Turkish, Semitic or other.

In online forums, people discussed Muslim food restrictions as they prepared to drop off meals for those affected.

A total of 49 people were killed and at least 48 were wounded in two shootings at a pair of mosques in Christchurch. She is calling for gun reform in the wake of the killings. Regardless of whether terrorist attacks are perpetrated by white or Islamist extremists, their narratives must not be enabled through whataboutery. One man was arrested and charged with murder for what appears to be a carefully planned attack and two other people are in custody.

Meanwhile, outside the court, major roads in the city center are cordoned off with heavy armed police officers on duty. Tarrant, obtained a "Category A" gun licence in November 2017 and began purchasing the five weapons used in Friday's attacks the following month, she said.

New Zealand authorities are working quickly to move all the bodies out of the mosques and through the coroner's office so they can be returned to their loved ones.

In New Zealand Prime Minister Arden was asked if she agreed with his assessment and said simply: 'No'. Eleven people remained in intensive care, hospital authorities said.

Ms Ardern, who arrived in Christchurch Saturday, said the shooter was not on any watchlist and did not have a criminal record.

President Donald Trump told Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern by phone that the United States stood in solidarity with New Zealand.

"There are no words strong enough to condemn this kind of vile hatred". "Our investigations are in their early stages and we will be looking closely to build a picture of any of the individuals involved and all of their activities prior to this horrific event", Police Commissioner Mike Bush said.

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