Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Google almost doubles removal of 'bad' advertisers

Google almost doubles removal of 'bad' advertisers

That's about a million fewer ads than it removed in 2017.

Google also terminated its relationship with nearly one million bad advertiser accounts and almost 734,000 publishers and app developers - close to double the amount from 2017.

Sectors targeted for clean up.

In total, Google created 31 new ad policies to stop bad ads in problematic areas related to, ticket resellers, third-party, and local services such as bail bonds and addiction treatment facilities. Some policies include banning ads from for-profit bail bond providers and higher scrutiny on ticket resellers. Thirty-one new policies went on the books to address abuses by the other industries listed. Specifically, it blocked almost 1 million advertiser accounts and 734,000 publishers and app developers.

Google took down 2.3 billion ads last year in its clean up of misleading, inappropriate or harmful content across its platform, nearly twice that of the previous year.

Google also kicked around 734,000 publishers and app developers off its ad network and completely removed ads from nearly 1.5m apps.

The spread and monetization of fake news and misinformation has been a focus for the platforms - and lawmakers - for more than two years now.

Apart from being the preferred search engine for the billions of internet users, Google has also emerged as the home for online advertising, over the years. It also removed around 58.8 million advertisements for phishing scams from its network.

Why you should care. And, every year, through our "Bad Ads Report", we share key actions and data to keep the ecosystem safe through our policies across platforms. Many YouTube advertisers would argue the company still has work to do in policing its own backyard.

In line with its commitment to making the web a better place for consumers by protecting them from misleading, inappropriate, or harmful ads, Google today released the 2018 "Bad Ads Report".

It's also regularly updating its ad policies, which can sometimes catch up good actors. In April, the company is all set to launch a new policy manager to give tips to advertisers to avoid common mistakes.

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