Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Huawei Caught Using Stock Images to Promote Upcoming Smartphone's Camera - Again

Huawei Caught Using Stock Images to Promote Upcoming Smartphone's Camera - Again

For example, the volcano image used to drum-up interest in the capabilities of the P30 series was actually shot by photographer Tom Pfeiffer on a DSLR and distributed via Getty Images. Huawei's global vice president of marketing also claimed that the P30 Pro will bring a revolutionary, unprecedented camera experience.

To tease the possibilities available with this new camera, Huawei has shared a number of images to demonstrate the new superzoom feature in action.

As of now, we only know that the pictures were taken using a Huawei P30 Series smartphone but not the exact model. The Expectations have gone up because of Mate 20 Pro, which was really wonderful and had some high-end specifications.

Like its cheaper sibling, the P30 Pro boasts a USB Type-C port and a microphone along the bottom. Nokia introduced its penta-camera PureView smartphone while Samsung released its Galaxy S10-lineup with Infinity-O displays.

One of the most interesting facts about the P30 Pro is that it omits the headphone jack while the non Pro variant decides to keep it. Most likely when Huawei's P30 line launches, the above smartphones will be deposed.

Though, Huawei is not the only phone who had been misguiding people about its camera result.

Meanwhile, a third Huawei device has also found mention which is believed to be the P30 Lite model.

On the other hand, the regular Huawei P30 will have 128 GB of ROM.

Huawei has an event planned on the 26th of March and speculation is rife that it would serve to launch the new P30 series of phones.

In the Geekbench tests, the Huawei P30 Pro has scored 3,289 points in the single-core tests and 9,817 points in multi-core performance. To the left of the three cameras is a flash and a laser autofocus system.

The leaked renders show off the color options, which are a good indication of what Huawei is preparing for the rest of the line-up.

In August 2018, it posted a 30-second ad on Instagram featuring a couple taking selfies, presumably with a Nova 3 but the photos were actually taken with a DSLR camera.

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