Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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Kelly: Judge Refuses to Lower Child Support Payments for Singer

Kelly: Judge Refuses to Lower Child Support Payments for Singer

"He surrounded himself with a bunch of people, a bunch of yes men and women, that would provide assurance and comfort to these parents relating to the fact that their daughters were going to be safe, that their daughters were gonna be looked after, that all of this was legit, that R. Kelly could be trusted", Avenatti said.

R. Kelly, through his attorney Steve Greenberg has announced he will arrange a meeting for Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage to see their parents, however, it needs to be held in Chicago. "I feel like I failed my daughter because I should have saw different signs". I should have saw the change in my baby girl instead of the love that we instilled in her that she was showing us and putting on a charade. R. Kelly had a platform as big as music can ever give somebody.

The Clarys said they wrote a letter of consent allowing Azriel Clary to go on tour with Kelly under the pretense that she would be supervised by a woman named Valerie Denise Payton, who turned out to work for Kelly opposed to being "affiliated with the music label" like they were originally told. Azriel Clary was 17 when she met Kelly, and the Clary's alleged their daughter was lured to Kelly's hotel room three days after they met him. Because the officers did not have a warrant to come inside, they left.

Last week, the young women spoke out in their first joint interview since the airing of Surviving R. Kelly. "That he's put it in place that if something goes down they're all going to take pills and kill..." "I trust my daughter was - will be honest with us".

"I've heard a suicide pact. I've heard all kinds of stuff".

Chicago police rushed to R. Kelly's Trump Tower condo on Tuesday (March 12) after someone called 911 saying the disgraced singer's girlfriends were attempting to carry out a "suicide pact", People reports. As we reported, police investigated Kelly's residence for a welfare check and determined that everyone was fine.

Azriel, in her interview with King, accused her parents of trying to extort money from Kelly, alleging her father had encouraged her to make sex videos for future blackmail leverage.

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