Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Finance | By Loren Pratt

'Moderate hiring climate' coming up for Richmond: Employment agency

'Moderate hiring climate' coming up for Richmond: Employment agency

Chris Gray, director at ManpowerGroup said, "This is one of the most cautious jobs markets that we've seen in the capital since the crash in 2009. The UK Warehousing Association recently reported that three quarters of UK warehouse owners say their space is full to capacity and storage costs have soared by up to 25 percent in the past three months - suggesting that many are more concerned about having somewhere to put their goods rather than the need to move them around". Elsewhere, hiring plans remain relatively stable in Western Cape and are unchanged in Gauteng. The North East is teetering on 0, down five points and the region's lowest level since Q4 2015. The most notable decreases of 5 percentage points are reported in both Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal, while Outlooks are 4 and 3 percentage points weaker in Gauteng and Western Cape, respectively. In the tech sector, we see a higher number of Java openings requiring computer science degrees than there are graduates.

Industry sectors. Employers in all 13 national industry sectors forecast an increase in payrolls during the second quarter.

Reporting the strongest hiring plans, the services sector has a net employment outlook of +18%.

"Statistics SA reported that in 2018, South Africa's agricultural exports grew by 7% year-on-year underpinned by increased exports of oranges, grapes, wine, maize, apples, wool, lemons, mandarins and pears".

Overall, hiring intentions strengthened in five of the seven industry sectors when compared with the previous quarter, most notably the services sector, which improve by 7ppt. In addition, the public administration, manufacturing, and finance, insurance and real estate sectors are also seeing healthy hiring prospects with net outlooks scoring between 14 and 16 percent.

Meanwhile, Outlooks weaken in four sectors, including the Restaurants & Hotels sector with a decrease of 8 percentage points.

Over in Hong Kong, employers report the strongest hiring intentions in seven years for Q2 2019, with active labour markets expected in the mining & construction and services sectors.

Workforce gains are anticipated in all four organisation size categories during 2Q 2019.

Employers in Indiana, Maine, Alaska, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina and OR reported the strongest employment outlooks. One percent were unsure of their hiring plans. However, the Medium employer Outlook declines by 6 percentage points. "It is also a 13 percentage point increase from the Outlook reported during the same time a year ago, indicating a stagnant hiring pace for the upcoming months".

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