Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

MPs say they are ready to push May towards softer Brexit

MPs say they are ready to push May towards softer Brexit

The backstop effectively keeps Britain in the EU's customs union - and therefore unable to strike free trade deals with other countries around the world, ruining a key prize for staunch Brexit supporters.

Cox's assessment was that the legal risk associated with the Irish backstop "remains unchanged", with the United Kingdom having "no internationally lawful means" of extricating itself should push come to shove.

The cross crashed around 320-pips, eroding a major part of the previous session's goodish up-move and was further pressurized by a modest pull-back in equity markets, which provided a minor lift to the Japanese Yen's safe-haven status.

Mr Juncker added: 'We reached an agreement last night with the British Government on the terms of Brexit, and I said yesterday evening - or anyway during the night - that it was a second chance, but there wouldn't be a third chance.

"Now is the time to come together to back this improved Brexit deal and to deliver on the instructions of the British people".

The Attorney General said additions to the Brexit deal secured by the Prime Minister in last-minute talks with the European Union on Monday night "reduce the risk" of the insurance policy for the Irish border in the vent that Brussels acts with "bad faith or want of best endeavours" in negotiations on a future trade deal.

The problem continues to revolve around the controversial Irish backstop - the safeguard against a hard border on the island of Ireland.

At its heart lies three new documents meant to provide additional legal guarantees that the United Kingdom can't be trapped indefinitely inside the backstop arrangement.

Last time May put her deal to the House of Commons, it was rejected by a ratio greater than 2:1.

HuffPost UK understands the DUP can not back May's deal in light of Cox's advice, and are likely to be followed by scores of Tory Brexiteers who have said they will be guided by the Northern Irish party.

Ms May had hoped that revisions to a Brexit deal over the Irish backstop, or protocol, secured late on Monday would offer enough assurances to get her deal through parliament.

"There should be no lingering doubts: this deal will leave us trapped and surrenders our sovereignty".

Cabinet office minister David Lidington told the House of Commons on Monday night that the two sides agreed on a "joint instrument" clarifying the withdrawal deal.

Sterling rose sharply on Tuesday as speculation swirled that Theresa May might be closer to securing approval for her Brexit deal.

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