Published: Sun, March 17, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Sniper Elite 5, Sniper Elite VR and Sniper Elite V2 Remastered announced

Sniper Elite 5, Sniper Elite VR and Sniper Elite V2 Remastered announced

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition on Switch introduces Karl's breathtaking North African adventure to a Nintendo platform for the first time ever. During a development update stream on Twitch, Rebellion revealed that they've got more WW2 sniping on the docket, starting with a remastered version of Sniper Elite v2 due later this year. The developer has shown that they now have four new Sniper Elite projects in the works, all of which are guaranteed to excite fans of the series. Today, the team announced multiple Sniper Elite projects, including a much demanded follow-up to Sniper Elite 4. Another of the studios' famous IP's is the Sniper Elite series, of which Rebellion is working on four new projects, one that just so happens to be in VR. The new Sniper Elite title now in development with the first details to be revealed sometime in 2020. So yeah, this seems like a game targeting next-generation platforms.

Making the announcement via trailer and press release, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered will launch on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The remaster also adds new playable characters, new photo mode and expanded online multiplayer for up to 16 players.

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is also planned for Nintendo Switch, and includes all available DLC and local multiplayer. More details promise to reveal in the coming year.

Sniper Elite VR? Now that might just convince to get into the whole virtual reality craze if Rebellion and Add Water can transfer the gory glory of past Sniper Elite titles to a first-person plane of carnage. Clients have included Lorne Lanning's Oddworld Inhabitants (Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath & Oddworld: New & Tasty), Bossa Studios (I Am Bread), Codemasters (Micro Machines World Series), Bithell Games (Volume & Volume: Coda), and Rising Star Games (Lumo).

Fans face an even longer wait for fresh details and gameplay for Sniper Elite 5.

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