Published: Thu, March 07, 2019
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The Latest Red Dead Online Update Brings Back a Familiar Weapon

The Latest Red Dead Online Update Brings Back a Familiar Weapon

In Fool's Gold, players vie over control of a ridiculous-looking suit of Golden Armor.

Explore the world solo or with friends.

Red Dead Online is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The beta also received a new weapon today: the Evans Repeater, which returns from the original game.

The Evans Repeater is a powerful long-range rifle that's known for being in John Marston's arsenal during the events of Red Dead Redemption.The Evans Repeater has a high bullet capacity and is deadly at medium and long distances, with an especially high rate of fire. You can also further customize it with wraps, sights, and stocks. You can find it at the gunsmith or in the catalog of "Wheeler, Rawson & Co.". As always, you can read the full details of the update here. The new event is like other Free Roam events, and can be joined while in Free Roam.

Next up, "Red Dead Online" is unveiling plenty of new events to make the multiplayer experience fresh for beta users. Players can earn extra XP and cash from the Fool's Gold event. In Fool's Gold, only the player wearing the Golden Armor will get points for killing other players.

Cold Dead Hands: Fight to control a target area for the longest amount of time.

Dispatch Rider: Players compete to be the first to get a horse to a designated location.

King of the Castle: Compete to gain and maintain control of the castle area by staying alive inside of it - whoever controls the active area for the highest percentage of the event time wins.

Master Archer: Score points by hitting targets accurate with the bow.

Fool's Gold can be enjoyed as individual free-for-all competitions or skirmishes held between Posses. Just click the invite when you see the alert in free roam. It's the newest addition to the roster, which will continue to rotate out periodically through the rest of the Red Dead Online beta period.

Additionally, all players who complete five daily challenges between now and Monday 11th March will receive a Special Spinner next week, which is a fishing lure that can't be lost if you cut the line.

In conclusion, the developers have prepared a special gift: a set of useful supplies and a special lure, with which you can catch fish of any size.

Rockstar Games has just released a new Red Dead Online Beta update adding a brand new weapon, new free roam events and much more.

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