Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Tropical Cyclone Idai Expected to Hit Mozambique as Strongest Storm in Decade

Tropical Cyclone Idai Expected to Hit Mozambique as Strongest Storm in Decade

"The main reason (for the alert) is the approaching of the tropical cyclone Idai, an intense cyclone that requires monitoring measures and caution, because as predicted, strong winds and thunderstorms represent a high risk for people and properties", said government spokesperson Ana Comoana.

Based on data of the expected tropical cyclone path IDAI, wind speeds zones from Joint Research Centre (Issued on 12 March 2019 00:00 UTC), and population data from WorldPop 2015, UNITAR-UNOSAT conducted a population exposure analysis for Mozambique.

A tropical storm which brought heavy rains and strong winds is forecast to develop into a tropical cyclone in the coming days. The channel is located between the country of Mozambique on the African mainland and the island nation of Madagascar.

Idai is expected to produce about triple the amount of rain that fell during the devastating October 2018 Gauteng storms. "There is communication between us and the Mozambican people", said Phakula.

Mozambique is regularly hit by cyclones.

Tropical Cyclone Idai’s expected landfall trajectory
Tropical Cyclone Idai’s expected landfall trajectory

To secure property and lives, the public should therefore take precautions measures such as moving to higher grounds when weather levels have started rising, avoid crossing flooding rivers and not seeking shelter under trees and weak infrastructures, he said.

The storm system that became Idai moved over central Mozambique and neighbouring Malawi last week, leaving more than two dozen people dead, before it moved back out to sea.

"You might expect it to make landfall in one area and then it changes direction".

It may possibly also affect far eastern Zimbabwe, but would be too far north to affect South Africa.

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