Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Trump confidant Roger Stone's trial set for Nov. 5

Trump confidant Roger Stone's trial set for Nov. 5

A federal judge on Thursday set a November 5 trial date for President Donald Trump's longtime political ally and self-described dirty trickster, Roger Stone.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Stone's trial will take about two weeks.

The special counsel's office indicted Stone in January on five counts of lying to Congress, one count of witness tampering, and one count of obstruction of justice.

Now we'll see if Stone can keep his mouth shut for almost eight months. They hadn't raised the issue with her at the hearing. But this is not baseball. But they denied using an erroneous March 1 filing notifying the court of the "imminent release" of the book - after the judge imposed the gag order on February 21 - to build publicity for the work, "The Myth of Russian Collusion", a retitled version of his earlier book about Trump's 2016 campaign, with a new introduction. "Clearly, I was targeted for strictly political reasons".

That order still stands, she told Mr Stone at yesterday's hearing on the case, but he must follow it. "Any costs or consequences that will be occasioned by the court's reiteration of this clear requirement at this late date are also exclusively attributable to the defendant".

In February, Jackson reprimanded Stone after he posted an inflammatory image targeting the judge on social media and expanded her gag order to include Stone, who had largely been omitted from her initial order.

Stone apologized and sought to convince Judge Jackson he would not violate her order.

"The mere publication of the new portions of the book could land Roger in jail for contempt of the judge's order", wrote Grant Smith, one of Stone's attorneys, in an email that his legal team included in its latest filing to the judge.

Jackson seemed to be rather lenient with Stone on this issue, insisting that she doesn't "intend to dwell" on a back and forth argument. "I expect compliance", Jackson said.

Stone has maintained his innocence and blasted the special counsel's investigation as politically motivated.

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